The project

Three challenges, the school year will allow students to learn coding, 
and above all, they will be able to work around this theme. 
The common language is the computer language, and we will also use English.
The goal is that every student grasps the logic of coding through an
 exchange where students will first have a common goal,
before an exchange time to enrich one another. hide
Work process:
The first challenge will be used for each team presents using Scratch.
The second challenge will be common to all teams.
During these two challenges, comments exchanges will create a link between students.
The final challenge will involve students in a collaborative work because classes,
combined 2 by 2 will launch a mutual challenge.
This time may result in video conferences and more direct dialogue. 

Expected results:
All student work will be presented on the TwinSpace as well as all project elements.
 A blog will also be dedicated to this project.

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